Validity of the NFME

The validity of the National Municipal Fire Fighter Examination has been established using both content validity and predictive validity approaches. (Predictive validity is the most highly regarded form of criterion-related validation.)

The content of the NMFE reflects core fire fighter tasks and essential competencies identified by a nationwide study of the job of fire fighter in fire departments of different sizes. Due to the nature of the content of the NMFE, costly local validation of this examination often is not needed. A fire department evaluating use of the NMFE should review the content of the examination, starting with the description on this web site, and ask for clarification as needed.

The criterion-related validity of the NMFE has been established by two studies, done over a period of 10 years. One validation study used grades in the fire academy and probationary job performance as the measures of job performance. The other validation study used advancement in rank as the measure of job success.

The questions in this examination are straightforward. There are no "trick" questions on the test. Each question in the examination has been reviewed to be sure it is fair to all candidates, especially with respect to gender and ethnic group.