PCBS Content

The instrument generates scores in 10 different areas, including, for example:

The PCBS contains about 1,000 objective self-report questions and it takes about one hour to complete.

Determining the accuracy of self-reported background information is facillitated by the scoring program. The PCBS scoring includes computerized internal checks to see if a candidate is giving consistent answers to questions. Questions that are answered in an inconsistent fashion are highlighted to allow you to probe further.

The PCBS allows you to screen out some candidates without further background investigation based on scale scores or on answers to any of many "Red Flag" questions. This use of the PCBS frees up more time for the background investigation for the remaining candidates.

Background investigators may use the Red-Flag listings and the scale scores to help guide their information gathering and verification efforts.

Hiring officials may use the Red-Flag listings to help guide their applicant interviews.

Psychologists may use the PCBS scale scores and Red-Flag listings to help guide their clinical evaluations.