DT-PAM Testimonials

"The DT-PAM helped our school system break into the top dozen on the MCAS Globe rankings!"

Katherine Scheidler, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Formally with Hopkinton Public Schools
Hopkinton, MA

"I like the diagnostic model used to develop the DT-PAM, and the individual questions are clear, crisp, and to the point."

Norman Josephy, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics
Bentley College

"The clarity of the diagnostic areas and questions on the DT-PAM makes it easy to diagnose our incoming students' weaknesses in math."

Michael Goldenberg, M.A.
Assistant Professor
Washtenaw Technical Middle College

"APR Testing Services has developed some of the best, most innovative written tests in the area of education and business."

Michael A. McDaniel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University