Our Competition: Other Diagnostic Math Tests

Each of these tests measure mathematical abilities of middle-school children. However, each provides fewer diagnostic scores than the DT-PAM, and some provide only one overall score. The DT-PAM was developed to provide more detailed information, with 21 diagnostic areas in comparable testing time. The cost for these alternative tests are at least double the cost of the DT-PAM.

Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test,Riverside Publishing
Only provides scores in four areas:
- Pre-Algebraic Number Skills and Concepts
- Interpreting Mathematical Information
- Representing Relationships
- Using Symbols

Only provides scores in ten areas:
- Algebra
- Applied Problem Solving
- Data Analysis and Probability
- Foundations of Problem Solving
- Geometry
- Measurement
- Mental Computation and Estimation
- Numeration
- Written Computation: Addition and Subtraction
- Written Computation: Multiplication and Division

Orleans-Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test, Third Edition,Pearson
- Only provides one, overall math score
- $305.80 for 25 students
- $2,465.5 for 250 students

Peabody Individual Achievement Test-Revised-Normative Update,Pearson
- Only provides one, overall math score

Stanford Achievement Test Series, Tenth Edition,Pearson
- Only provides one, overall math score
- $1,674.36 for 25 students
- $15,985.65for 250 students

Stanford Diagnostic Mathematics Test, Fourth Edition,Pearson
Only provides scores in thirteen areas:
- Addition
- Division
- Functions
- Geometry
- Graphs
- Measurement
- Multiplication
- Number systems
- Numeration
- Patterns
- Problem solving
- Subtraction
- Tables
- $1,970.30 for 25 students
- $19,703 for 250 students

The California Achievement Test,Family Learning Organization
- Only provides one, overall math score

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