TBM Features & Benefits

Standardized Results

The days of hiring candidates based solely on intuition are over. Upon administering the TBM and receiving the comprehensive results, you will be able to quickly and accurately assess your candidates' basic math skills.

Employee Development

Maybe a current employee has forgotten how to divide fractions? Maybe another employee was never introduced to a specific topic? The TBM will help you answer these questions! Using the TBM, you will be able to isolate specific areas of weakness in employees' math skills.


The TBM exam is available only to employers. It is not available to candidates on the web.

Unbiased Methods

The TBM was created by a group of nationally recognized professionals. It has been developed and reviewed to be sure it is fair to all candidates, especially with respect to gender and ethnic group.

Straightforward Pricing

The TBM is priced as a complete package, including all materials and shipping charges, without any hidden fees.