Business / Industry Tests

The tests below are designed to help screen job candidates in business and industry. Click below to see if any are right for your hiring needs.

Learning Business Procedures Test (LBPT)

measures a candidate's ability to learn and apply complicated procedures.

Language-Free Programmer/Analyst Aptitude Test (LPAT)

measures basic abilities required on the job. It may be used with both trainees and experienced applicants.

Personal Work-Style Survey (PWS)

measures a candidate's work style in areas such as reliability and getting along with others.

Test of Basic Math (TBM)

assesses a candidate's competence in several areas of basic mathematics.

Test of Business English (TBE)

tests the ability to read and write business English at a basic level.

Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA)

tests mechanical aptitude in a new, gender-fair manner.

Other Business/Industrial Testing & Services

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